Logistics and storage

Special Cargo – handling special cargo is our expertise
Special challenges or heavy lift oversized cargo is our expertise and we are capable of designing a solution to every challenge.  Our years of experience guarantee an original and flexible in our problem solving tactics.

We provide

  • End to end delivery services
  • Cold chain distribution of sensitive products that needs special care and temperature control
  • Tailored logistics solutions for every step of your shipment –warehousing, distribution, insurance and customs clearance
  • Worldwide multilingual agents at your service at all times

We are committed to meeting our clients’ objectives and go above and beyond the call to get your special cargo to its final destination.

Personalized approach to help you meet your deadlines
At any point throughout the entire shipment process our team is on call for you, ready and willing to assist you in meeting your goals and deadlines. Handling complicated operations we get down to the most intricate detail to guarantee the mission is accomplished.
Technology at your service
To ensure the smooth transport of your cargo from one point to the next across the globe a convergence of systems must take place, each coordinating with the other.
We offer state of the art warehousing services, real time order management systems, a comprehensive distribution network and professional team at your service.
We know that advanced technology can make all the difference and save our clients valuable time and resources which is why we safeguard all our systems keeping them fully computerized. These systems allow our clients to track their cargo every step of the way until its safe arrival to the point of destination.
We invest great resources in the implementation of top notch technology to guarantee  your cargo gets the best treatment and you get the maximum flexibility and visibility throughout the supply chain.
Contact us today with your shipping challenges and we will offer you the best solution!


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